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MIS Group Donate to National Trust This year MIS rewarded staff by giving them the option to donate to charity this Christmas. …

As part of our ongoing partnership with Housing Plus Group, we jointly delivered an AWS Connect Contact Centre as a service to enable Homes Plus, a combined landlord, as well as removing further dependencies on legacy infrastructure and networks This service also provides valuable data and sentiment analysis and will be updated in 2022 to include web chat, bots and increased use of AI to improve services to customers.

The economic consequences of COVID-19 are already impacting on the social housing sector. Under no illusion that this is just the beginning, housing associations are proactively looking at ways to continue fulfilling their social-purpose mission within their much-changed economic and social landscape.

There is little doubt that the coronavirus pandemic will go down in history as one of the UK’s darkest times. Having found ourselves in a head to head battle with an invisible enemy, one of our only forms of defence has been to self-isolate, seeing us face the biggest lockdown of society in our history.

During the year of staying home to stay healthy, having a safe and secure home has never been so important. For many though, accessing quality, affordable housing remains a challenge. A challenge that, due to an inevitable COVID-19 induced global recession, is likely to peak in the coming months and years.

Children in Need 2021

For Children in Need 2021, the MIS Group held a sponsored walk and made donations to help support the charity.

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