Data Driven CCaaS for Housing Associations

CCaaS is designed to provide a scalable, low cost, PCI compliant service with best practice for Housing Associations.

Housing associations can sometimes struggle to deliver exceptional customer service using traditional telephony platforms due to lack of digital channels such as:

  • Contact centre analytics
  • Chat bots
  • Data integrations
  • No access to call transcripts
  • Webchat.

Incline-IT can work with you to build a cloud-based omnichannel contact centre, with calls, webchat, chatbot and data integrations. 

We offer a best practise approach with processes for integration with housing management and CRM solutions.

This approach is based on the overarching need to support Housing Associations and their customers with a high quality service.

Benefits of Contact Centre as a Service

  • Built for hybrid working – all you need is a headset and a browser
  • Fast to implement and deploy
  • PCI compliant
  • Ease of use and scalability
  • Open platform with easy integrations
  • Data integrations to Housing Management Software and CRM to improve customer experience
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing model
  • No user licenses
  • Enhanced analytics. 

Repairs Flow Example

Customer Starts a Chat with a Bot
CRM Lookup with Customer Details

Allowing a conversation based on useful data, rather than pre canned responses.

Chat Bot

Hello Robert Smith, would you like to discuss your:


Rent balance

Report anti-social behaviour


Do I have any repairs booked?

Chat Bot


You have a visit booked for tomorrow at 9am at your home address of 9 Green Lane.

If you would like to transfer this chat to an advisor to discuss this, please type Yes.


If the customer ends the flow , a CRM entry is created to record the transcript.

If the customer types "Yes" the chat is transferred to an agent.

Chat Bot

“We have placed this on a priority queue and an agent will be with you as soon as possible”

Chat Transfer

Call is placed on a chat queue.

The agent is provided the transcript as the chat is transferred, ensuring the user does not have to repeat information.

CRM Update

The CRM is updated automatically with with the transcript, sentiment analysis and automated summary.

The agent can also add notes.

AWS Connect

  • AWS Connect is a 99.99% uptime service, significantly reducing the risk of service outages
  • Given staffing challenges, the solution provides data driven and automated means to service customers, reducing the number of calls for staff, while maintaining service levels
  • Advanced analytics provide the insights to manage staff, monitor queues, but uniquely, measure the performance of bots and their ability to provide responses to the customers.

The contact control panel (CCP) provides a single, easy to use interface for agents to receive calls, chat with contacts, transfer them to other agents, put them on hold, and perform other tasks.

It is also easy to customise your agent experience allowing you to integrate your external applications like CRM or Housing Management System.

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